Icelandic Road Trip – Oops, my mistake ….

All the planning of this trip was perfect until that day. We shouldn’t have slept in Ísafjörður, but continued to Bíldudalur. I changed the itinerary a few weeks before heading to Iceland, but didn’t update my road book.. such a noob error.  Damn it, that was a 4 hours mistake that ruined a bit our next day. We wanted to see the western tip of Iceland, Latrabjard Cliffs and Raudasandur, a long stretch of a red colour beach. Unfortunately, we had to change our plan in order to make up the lost time and take a shortcut :-(

I started the day really mad at myself. The weather was shit. Everything felt wrong. 45 minutes from Ísafjörður, we stopped briefly in Pingeyri. The town is located on the coast of the fjord Dýrafjörður and is one of the oldest settlements in the Westfjords.  At one 1 km South of the town, we took a small path that was leading to a panorama on the top of Sandfell, which rises to 367m behind the town. And there, everything was wonderful again, the landscape was so amazing !!! Our little Jimny struggled a bit to get on top of it, so we parked and walked up to the top.

After that, we took back the car and we drove to the next fjord, Arnarfjörður, the second largest fjord of the Westfjords. We stopped briefly at Hrafnseyri, with the hope of drinking a coffee in the little turf houses, but everything was closed. We enjoyed the surroundings, take some pictures of the church and hit the road again ….

Next time, a bit more about one of Iceland‟s most beautiful waterfalls, Dynjandi, often also called “The Bride’s Veil”…


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  1. Iceland was one of my favorite countries in my European travels this year. Sharing a rental car and camping was the way to wing it and go cheap, is what we found. Buen viaje!


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  4. Awesome colors and views! I too plan my trips thoroughly – it is the easiest way to cover more interesting destinations. Things happen anyway, as you know it yourself, but you are in control and know how to get through with a minimum damage to your trip.


    • I share the same vision! You don’t have the feeling to have missed something really important, because you have done your research. And by talking to the locals or to some fellow travellers, you can add little extras to your trip and your itinerary. It’s wonderful and you can also be surprised even if you plan a little bit :-)

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      • Of course! Any country is bigger than our itineraries, and it is not a problem to get surprises here and there. If you do your research you can see a lot more and with no hassle. When I know that it is unlikely for me to go to this place again, I make sure nothing is missing on my list:)

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  5. Am glad you got here in the end and took these wonderful photos! The houses with the turf on top look very interesting – is it like insulation? What a pretty little church too looks such a peaceful place though must feel very remote especially in winter. Enjoy your weekend :)


    • The house with the turf on top is the replica of a typical Icelandic farm. Turf is the oldest and most common building material used in Icelandic construction, and apparently, it helps to compress the logs and make the walls more waterproof (especially during winter, when the snow accumulates)

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  6. So you plan your itinerary for a trip – what a good idea:)
    When we travel, we usually book a room for the first and last night, then just wing-it the rest of the time. Yes, occasionally we miss some big attraction or view, but we are pleasantly surprised by so many things we discover along the way.

    You can meet the nicest people when you ask for directions or what is not to miss in the area. Don’t beat yourself up for making a planning mistake, but be glad for what you found that you didn’t know was there. Too often, a view or experience is not all it is cracked up to be, in my opinion. It is the unplanned things that can give us the most joy.

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    • Since we don’t have a lot of money, it’s cheaper to plan in advance to be able to book guesthouses or youth hostels, or other room at an interesting rate.. because in Iceland, everything cheap is fully booked during the tourist season, and you end up paying 150 euros for one night.. :-(

      So we could say that we plan trip mainly to save some money (and also because I like planning :p). But I agree with you, not planning is great, it allows you some magical discoveries, but in some expensive countries, it’s not always possible ;-)


      • Please understand that we are not extravagant travelers. With netbook in hand, we check out Trip Adviser for our places to stay. You make Iceland sound like an absolutely must-see destination, with all of its natural beauty (our favorite, when travelling). Since summer might be the warmest time to visit Iceland, I see that it might get crowded. We usually like to visit countries off the high tourist season. You have given me so many ideas of places I don’t want to miss – thanks!


        • It’s the best way to visit a country, to be able to get away from the crowds. It’s a nice way of travelling, I wish we could do that more often :-) But for Iceland, in my opinion, it would be a bit difficult. Summer is not only the warmest, but it’s the only season where you can do basically everything :-) From glacier hiking, to bird/whale watching, visiting the Westfjords (the roads are often inaccessible from October onwards), spot some auroras or enjoy the midnight sun. Most of the tourist facilities are closed during the off-peak season, as people involved in the tourism industry also work in farms… and they have to take care of the sheep in September for example. Visiting off peak must be tricky, but I’m sure you can find accommodation more easily :-)

          You are welcome ! I hope you will get to visit it, and I hope I will get the change to read your story :-)


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  8. Such a pity you had to hurry through the Westfjords. The views from Sandfell are stunning. We didn’t walked up there. Instead we ate delicious Belgian waffles in a café in Þingeyri. ;)


    • Haha Belgian waffles in Iceland, it must have been an experience :-) Maybe I should move there and try to sell waffles :-) We stopped in Þingeyri to take petrol, but it was raining, we didn’t explore much the town.

      I know, it’s a shame that we had to hurry up for the west part of the Westfjords.. I was so so so mad at myself, you cannot imagine ! :-)


  9. Dear Gin:
    The beautiful scenery can make up itinerary in of not perfect, you and Jimmy go to of place all nobody, It seeming to the world is what you own, this feeling is also good.
    Waterfall, Do you want to climb very high mountain?


  10. fantastic shots and you guys really enjoying yourself even the planning get mess up. There is an excuse of going back again to see what you have miss. That is what I am planning to do for my next trip to Iceland again.


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